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Artistic intent: Beads imbedded in paper pulp.


The simplest of textured shapes, such as a TRIANGLE, SQUARE, OBLONG or DOT, are used in these artworks for sighted people. They are drawn from the blind shape system. The beads with letters, numbers and words incorporated within each shape, refer to the frenetic atmosphere of the taxi industry.


The Dot is the defining symbol for the forward pointing finger in the Taxi Hand Sign tactile shape system for blind people. One dot replaces the graphic shapes which would otherwise include the shape for the wrist, the palm, and pointing finger. The dot is the mark that one tip of finger makes when pointing forward to touch something. Including the other parts of the hand would be confusing. A Double square Dot indicates to the blind person that there are two hands in the gesture. A single square Dot represents the wrist in the Taxi Hand Sign tactile shape language for blind people and is always read together with the Triangle or Palm of the hand in order to show which direction the hand is pointed towards.


Directional lines are critical to the blind shape language in that they indicate both movement and direction of the hand sign to the blind person. In The Other Side series, a set of four artworks show the directional lines cut out of a landscape, indicating the place of departure, the route and the place of arrival at a destination.

THS. The Other Side - Beaded

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