Healing Series "Art Book 1" 1 of 20. Media: Mixed media, steel, resin, Rooibos tea bags, ink. Size: each 90cm x 35cm.

The resin preserves in it two elements that both have healing properties; Rooibos tea bags and bandages. Each 'page' of tea-bags encased in resin, represent a Zone with individual plots and houses. Each deals with a specific related aspect of the housing and land scenario.

Healing: Artbook1

  • Media: 

     Mixed Media


     W 6 meters x H 180cm

    Installation: Planning Goldev


    The art work is the result of two years of investigation in purchasing a low cost house. It deals with specific aspects of Government subsidised low cost housing developments. The five panels are Zones which each express a particular part of the housing scenario. The words swing between conflict and conciliation and become unreadable as the call for millions more houses fall mainly on deaf ears.


    Each panel represents one Zone


    The tea bags are in Numerical order from One to One Thousand Two hundred ( as intended for the Goldev area ) Apart from location and identification, numerals have great sym