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Charcoal Drawings


  • The Potter                                 Susan Woolf: MATHABO


    These artworks were inspired by a poem by an unknown author. Below is the first verse:


    Lo! As the potter mouldeth plastic clay

    To forms his varying fancy doth display;

    So in they hands O G-d of love, are we:

    Thy bond regard, let sin be veiled from Thee.


    The words of the poem imply that whilst our fate is beyond our control, some at least of our destiny is up to us. The concept design is for the sculpture to project the words from The Potter in shadow on the floor and walls of a room and fall on all who pass through. The Potter was completed as a 5 meter Multiple of 12 works which were exhibited at The King Plow Centre in Atlanta in 1997. In 1998 it was exhibited in the Klutznick Museum in Washington. The Edition works, 1/20 are individually conceived.

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