Paper: Oil paint on composite board.

Edition Number: Unique

Size: H 1 800cm x W 7 200 meters.

Created: 2013


SIGNIFICATION: Textarea is an abstract work with a spontaneous brush application. The silence of spaces, city structures, landscapes, grids and signification, which may be at once symbolic and impossible are my subject. One can imagine people transferring across and within the city, walking and travelling. To invoke a city is to allow its ‘voices’ to be heard. Consider that “[t]o generate the voices of the city itself is to venture into the realm of sensory intimation” (Amin and Thrift 2003: 9). Taxi hand signs, performed by the ‘presence’ of millions of commuters over the years in Gauteng, are the ‘trace’, the silent voices that make the most visual noise, filling the ‘nothingness’ of time and space. The person responding to the taxi hand sign is the addressee or the driver. Hence, the Derridean ‘trace’ or ‘graphie’ which is the textual schema correspondingly read in art terms as the mark, image or object, sets up the visual scenario for signification and communication in the artwork.

THS. Signification - Textarea

  • SIGNIFICATION: Textarea stemmed from a vision of the communication between commuters and taxis. Paradoxically, the thousands of minibus taxi drivers collecting and offloading passengers in Gauteng must rely